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Fradiles Mandrolisai DOC 2022 Cantina Fradiles


Qualification Mandrolisai Doc
Variety Bovale Sardo (Muristellu), Cannonau, Monica, altri autoctoni
Production area Sardegna
Type of wine Vino rosso
Alcoholic strength 13,5-14 %
Service temperature 18°C
Format 0,75

Offspring of a union of our traditional vines, Bovale, Cannonau, Monica, grown at an altitude of over 500 yards above sea level. This wine encompasses the entire territory of the Mandrolisai and the legacy of its wine-growing tradition, with its full, velvety character and hints of wild berries.

PRODUCTION AREA: Vineyards situated in the municipal territory of Atzara, a hilly area, rising up to 500 m.a.s.l., west of the Gennargentu mountains.

SOIL TYPE: Medium-textured decayed granite tending to sandy.

VINE: Mandrolisai D.O.C. is a local DOC wine from the following vines: Bovale Sardo (Muristellu), Cannonau, Monica, other.

TRAINING SYSTEM: The vines are trained in goblets or espalier.


PRODUCTION PER HECTARE: Average production per hectare is about 6/7 tonnes.

ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES: The grapes, harvested in October, are mixed and vinified. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature with a skin maceration of about 8/10 days. Maceration in steel and maturation in 700 l. and 500 l. wooden barrels the bottle for about six months.

ACCOMPANIMENT: A ruby-red wine with a long bouquet and inklings of wild berries and maquis. A flavoury palate, well-balanced and gentle.

It is an excellent companion of all meat dishes, venison and ripe cheese.

Weight 1 kg


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