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Friuli Isonzo Sauvignon Picol DOC 2020 Lis Neris


Denominazione DOC Isonzo
Vitigno Sauvignon blanc 100%
Zona di Produzione San Lorenzo GO Friuli
Tipologia Vino Bianco
Gradazione alcolica 13°
Temperatura di servizio 10°/12°
Formato lt. 0,75
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Sauvignon Blanc is an international grape variety cultivated in many areas of the world. The two reference regions are French: the Loire Valley, which produces particularly aromatic, savory, and mineral Sauvignon Blanc wines, and Bordeaux, where this grape variety is often blended with Semillon to give it structure and body. In both cases, elegance and finesse are characteristic of only the finest wines.


The right bank of the Isonzo River, with its warm and stony soils crucial for superior structure, and a climate favored by temperature fluctuations due to Balkan winds and Mediterranean influences from its proximity to the sea, is a site of great potential to embark on what can be called “the Friulian path to Sauvignon Blanc.”


The enveloping warmth of the hotter vintages is replaced, in this case, by a rigorous style typical of more northern wines. Imagine a slender and crystalline monolith. Suitable for any meal, perfect for pairing with rich dishes based on fish and fresh cheeses.


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