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I profumi dell’Alto Adige Confezione 6 Bottiglie


An old French grape variety that is celebrating a renaissance. Only introduced to South Tyrol at the end of the 19th century, today it covers large areas of the east and west-facing slopes along the Val d’Adige Valley. Unique, delicate wines of extraordinary minerality, depth and longevity are obtained from the porphyry and quartz-rich earth.

2 bottiglie Alto Adige DOC Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Graf Von Meran Cantina Produttori Merano: A fresh and fruity wine for all the senses.

2 bottiglie Alto Adige DOC Gewurztraminer Graf Von Meran 2020 Cantina Produttori Merano:Rose petals, lychee, cloves and tropical fruits – this opulent range of fragrances and flavours describes in a nutshell what is South Tyrol’s best-known indigenous grape variety around the world – the Traminer Aromatico (Gewürztraminer). The full potential of this highly individual variety can only be truly exploited with the perfect interaction of microclimate, yield and soil composition.

2 bottiglie Schiava Meranese “Schickenburg” 2020 Cantina Produttori Merano: Indigenous and deeply rooted: the Merano Schiava has been grown around Merano for centuries as the area provides the very best growing conditions for it. Nevertheless, only a few grapes from old, selected vines make it into the zesty “Schickenburg”. Authentic, angular, yet elegant: a real Merano native.


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