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Alto Adige Pinot Bianco DOC Selezione Tyrol 2018 Cantina Produttori Merano


Denominazione Alto Adige Doc
Vitigno Pinot Bianco 100%
Zona di Produzione Alto Adige
Tipologia Vino Bianco
Gradazione alcolica 14,5%
Temperatura di servizio 10-12°C
Formato 0,75
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No other wine is able to describe its homeland of South Tyrol more aptly than the Pinot Bianco “Tyrol”. This fine wine comes from a single, very old vineyard with naturally limited yields, situated beneath the “cradle of Tyrol” – the famous Tyrol Castle. This extremely dry and nutrient-poor south west-facing slope, with gradients of up to 50%, is bordered at the sides by very dense woodland and thus protected from heavy storms. At the same time, the downslope winds of the Texel Group cause the temperatures to fall very low during the night. Aged in steel and oak barrels, this multi-layered wine impresses with its delicate mellowness, extraordinary fruit, concentrated minerality and notable development potential.

Weight 1 kg


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