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Chianti Podere Gamba 2019 DOCG Azienda Vitinicola San Ferdinando


Grapes are manually picked and sorted by a selection table. After destemming and light crushing grapes are vinified separately. Sangiovese.Briefmacerationtakesplacesinstainlesssteeltanks for10-12days.

Pugnitello.Macerationtakesplacesinstainlesssteeltanks for12-14days;

Sangiovese and Pugnitello are transferred into oval French oak barrels (Allier) where they matured for about 12 months followed by bottles aging before to release.

Wine: Full ruby red colour, with purple gloss.

Complex to the nose, notes of purple forest, cherry, liquorice and coffee gradually come out. The warm palate is immediatly envelopped by soft tannins, excellent acidity. Long and balanced ending.

Weight 1 kg


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