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Guidalberto IGT 2019 San Guido


Denominazione IGT Toscana
Vitigno Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 40%
Zona di Produzione Bolgheri Toscana
Tipologia Vino rosso
Gradazione alcolica 13°
Temperatura di servizio 18°
Formato lt. 0,75

Producer’s notes: The harvest of Merlot grapes started with an average delay of about 10 days compared to previous years, while the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were harvested from the second decade of September until the early days of October. The weather conditions strongly characterized the vintage, resulting in healthy grapes with excellent aromatic components but with a lower sugar content compared to the norm of recent years. Healthy, crunchy, and well-ripened grapes arrived at the winery, giving rise to balanced musts with moderate alcohol content and sweet, velvety tannins. The freshness of the wine, conferred by good acidity and the right pH balance, a lower alcohol content but at the same time a well-defined structure, are the characteristics that distinguish this 2019 vintage.


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