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IGP Terre Siciliane Voria Bianco Frizzante Porta del Vento


Qualification Igp Terre Siciliane
Variety Cataratto 100%
Production area Sicilia
Type of wine Vino bianco frizzante
Alcoholic strength 11 %
Service temperature 8-10°C
Format 0,75

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Sparkling wine made from Catarratto grapes grown organically/biodynamically and harvested by hand in small boxes. Bottle-fermented with must added to the base wine. Unfiltered and non-degorged, with the presence of yeasts in the bottle.

Porta del Vento, covers eighteen hectares in the hills of the Camporeale area in the province of Palermo, about six hundred meters above sea level, sandy soils on sandstone rock crust. Cultivation is biodynamic and organic, both certified. The soil is cultivated without any use of synthetic products, efforts are made to understand and maintain the balance of wild grasses, increasing biodiversity.


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