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Mandrolisai Superiore Memorias Creccherie DOC 2021 Fradiles


Qualification Mandrolisai Superiore Doc
Cannonau, Bovale Sardo (Muristellu), Monica, Others.
Production area Sardegna
Type of wine Vino rosso
Alcoholic strength 14-14,5  %
Service temperature 18°C
Format 0,75

We want to conserve the memory of the past, to safeguard the viticultural heredity of the Mandrolisai that has been passed to us from antiquity. These are the vineyards that produce a wine defending the vineyards of yore respecting a historic rural landscape.

Mandrolisai vineyards situated in the municipal territory of Atzara, in the hilly area rising up to 550 m. a.s.l. on the Western flank of the Gennargentu mountain chain.

SOIL TYPE:Weathered granite, medium textured soil tending to sandy.

The grapes, harvested generally in the last ten days of September, are mixed and vinified. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature with a skin maceration of about 18-20 days. Maceration for 3 months in steel tanks and subsequently 12-14 months in 500-litre barrels. Additional refining in bottle for four months.

An intensely red-coloured wine with a rich and complex, well-balanced, delicate and persisting bouquet.

Wild boar stew, poultry, spiced red meats, seasoned Sardinian pecorino cheese.

Weight 1,4 kg


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