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Rosso “Capolemole” 2020 Marco Carpineti


Qualification Lazio Igt
Variety Nero Buono 60%, Montepulciano 30%, Cesanese 10%
Production area Lazio
Type of wine Vino rosso
Alcoholic strength 14,5 %
Service temperature 14-18°C
Format 0,75

Capolemole Rosso red wine is the result of the alchemy between Nero Buono indigenous grapes, the robustness of Montepulciano grapes, and the elegant touch of Cesanese variety. Opening a bottle of Capolemole Rosso means to smell the forest fruit and red fruit, and watch a scarlet sunset behind the seven hills of Capolemole estate while tasting a round wine, almost chewable, authentic, and balanced. Capolemole Rosso gathers the full character of the barriques in which it is refined for twelve months.

Weight 1,4 kg


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