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Capolemole Bianco 2022 Marco Carpineti


Denominazione IGT LAZIO BIANCO
Vitigno Bellone 100%
Zona di Produzione Cori. Lazio
Tipologia Vino Bianco
Gradazione alcolica 12°
Temperatura di servizio 10°/12°
Formato lt. 0,75
COD. A11104
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“Organoleptic characteristics: It is the Bellone, an autochthonous grape variety that has always been cultivated in the charming and lush countryside of Corese. It has a robust and solid pulp, as substantial as the cyclopean walls that protect the ancient city of Cori, yet gentle in giving original aromas. These same sincere aromas that, in the past, during the harvest period, flowed through the cobblestone streets of the village, skillfully narrating the expertise of wise and passionate men: the farmers. It has a lively light yellow color and a fruity, floral aroma. It is a white wine suitable for any meal, from chicken with bell peppers to fried fish.”


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