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Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore “Le Papesse” DOC 2021 Villa Papiano


Denominazione Sangiovese superiore Romagna Doc
Vitigno Sangiovese 95% Balsamina e Negretto 5%
Zona di Produzione Emilia Romagna
Tipologia Vino rosso
Gradazione alcolica 12,5 %
Temperatura di servizio 16-18°C
Formato 0,75

“Le Papesse” is a splendid expression of a mountain Sangiovese. It is vinified as a blend with a small addition of two ancient local indigenous grape varieties, Balsamina and Negretto, using spontaneous fermentation and only native yeasts. It has a brilliant ruby red color, and the olfactory profile is delicate and subtle, with hints of violet, cherry aromas, and small red berries. The taste is elegant and smooth, with a juicy mid-palate characterized by velvety tannins. The finish is persistent, fresh, and mineral.

Villa Papiano cultivates its vineyards on the border between Romagna and Tuscany, spanning an area of about ten hectares in the pristine setting of the Val d’Ibola, in a pre-Apennine area not far from the Casentino Forests National Park. The vine cultivation takes place on the slopes of the mountains, at an altitude of over 500 meters, on soils characterized by the presence of rocks, sandstones, and clays. The vineyards follow the principles of organic farming, fully respecting a natural environment rich in biodiversity.

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