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Grappa di Barolo Castello di Barbaresco Gaja


Vitigno Vinacce di Nebbiolo da Barolo
Zona di Produzione Piemonte
Tipologia Distillato
Gradazione alcolica 42°
Temperatura di servizio 16°/18°
Formato lt. 0,50

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The Grappa di Barolo is characterized by its soft texture, but due to the refinement of character for at least 12 months in oak barrels. Produced from the pomace of Nebbiolo used for Barolo, still dripping with wine, with systems that ensure you keep intact all varietal aromas and fragrances. Delicate amber color, the nose opens surprisingly with balsamic, resin, bergamot and dried rose fragrances. Structure of character, but well balanced in a warm and spicy fragances


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