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Mirto del Fondatore Silvio Carta


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The ultimate Mirto that tells the story of an ancestral Sardinia: proud, florid, sweet and bitter, tasting is a dip in the Mediterranean maquis among aromatic herbs, sage and wild plum. Mirto del Fondatore was born to celebrate the 90th birthday of the patriarch. Colour: intense dark brown with bright, purple tinges.

Multiple aromas. Apart from the intense myrtle, it is possible to distinguish other aromas of the maquis, aromatic herbs, bay leaves, sage and plum jam.                                                        Taste: All these scents mix together in an elegant and enveloping myrtle hug that stands out in the mouth, dominated by the plant notes, in a very refined sweet-and-sour arm wrestling leading to a dry ending rich in Mediterranean aftertaste.

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