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PigSkin London Dry Gin Silvio Carta


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Pigskin is a dandy with a hipster soul. Charming in the glass, elegant in its aromas, it releases its energy in the mouth. The pride of Elio Carta, its secret is forged in the 100-year old chestnut barrels that were the home of Vernaccia di Oristano for decades. Colour: Straw yellow with light shades of rose gold. A captivating scent, like all the Maison Carta’s gins. The signature belongs to the Mediterranean maquis and the aromatic herbs, together with spicy nutmeg notes and sweeter butter and vanilla tones. Taste: The taste is soft, round, warm, very enveloping and structured, able to involve the whole palate and subdue in the long persistence of toasted notes.

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